4 Easy and Affordable Marketing Methods

We have a marketing powerhouse here in Helena. It's called Montana Television Network, KTVH. They do waaaaay more than TV commercials. If you are considering running online marketing campaigns, don't waste your money on some little guy. Put your money where it'll work for you and start an account with KTVH and watch it multiply.

4 easy and affordable marketing methods

Homepage Takeover

If you want to capitalize on KTVH's huge audience (we're talking TENS of thousands of unique viewers and MILLIONS of page views every month...) you can become a sponsor on their desktop site, mobile site, news apps and weather apps. That means your business is featured in a rich media banner, a sponsored video, live stream or pre/post roll on their most popular platforms. 

Another great way to take advantage of their huge audience is to run an online commercial or completely take over their home page. That means those millions of viewers see YOU before they see KTVH when they visit their homepage. And it costs less than a month of groceries. Or a set of tires. Or a month's power bill in the winter. Trust me, you can afford it. 

Online Ads + Retargeting

If you want to advertise beyond KTVH's platforms, use one of their Certified Google Partners (that means they're Google marketing experts) and set up local search engine or retargeting campaigns. You don't have to advertise to the whole world, you can run your ads just in Helena and surrouding areas or go big and conquer the world. 

Retargeting is particularly powerful, because everyone you show an ad to is "warm" to your online presence meaning they've already seen you online and are more likely to recognize you the second, third or fourth time they see an ad. There is a much, much higher rate of return on retargeted ad campaigns than on standard campaigns. 

Record Your Commercial

Another excellent form of advertising is video. No, not television (though TV commercials are a great way to get your name out there) but online video ads. These are seen on video platforms like YouTube, Hulu and other online streaming services. Good news is, KTVH is a TV station and they have a recording studio. You can have a professionally recorded and edited commercial for a few hundred bucks. Which is way less than building your own studio and buying cameras and editing equipment... Wouldn't you agree?

Mobile App Development

And the last marketing tool I'll metion (though I haven't mentioned them all) is mobile app development. Mobile apps are a great way to enhance your customer's experience. Think the Cartwheel app with Target, or the Amazon app. Make shopping and finding deals super easy for your customers and they'll keep coming back for more. Or, if you have a completely new idea for a mobile app, talk to the experts over at KTVH about planning, development, launching and marketing the final product. It's a win-win-win-win!!

The kicker to all this is the analytics. I know, analytics aren't sexy but you know what they are? Profitable. And every one of these marketing options comes with amazingly in-depth analytics. Nearly every metric you can think of can be tracked with online marketing campaigns. 

Do you want to market your business, but you don't know how to do it or which method is best for you? Don't sweat it. I am your liason with KTVH and will help you make the connection with one of their online marketers and educate you on all your options so you can make an informed decision.


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Driving traffic to your website is one thing, keeping that traffic engaged is a whole another ball game. Every time you write in your blog, write your heart. People want to know you. Show a piece of yourself every time you write in your blog and your visitors will connect with you. 



Everything on the internet is on some server, somewhere. A server is like a giant shared hard drive. 

Ever heard of "the cloud"? It's not actually a cloud. It's a server. A giant, boring piece of machinery with a mess of cables coming out of it.