Social media is THE BEST way to connect with your audience on their level. But not all social media platforms are right for every business. The good news? They're all free to use. Read on. 

how to use social media for business

Facebook is for everybody.

I think we can all agree, everybody is on Facebook. I make sure all my clients at least have a Facebook page for their business. Mostly because if you want to use Facebooks extremely profitable ads (if you don't now, you should) you need a page for your business. 

No matter your business, lets get you on Facebook. 

Instagram is for retailers, brands and creative people. 

Instagram is another platform that is good for most businesses, but make sure your pictures are pretty. They don't have to be perfect, but being that Instagram is a visual platform (meaning the vast majority of their content is based on the visuals), you need to post pretty pictures or you will have a hard time building up an audience. 

Pinterest is for ecommerce, retailers and product sellers.

Pinterest is AMAZING for anyone with a product to sell. If you have an online store, you need a Pinterest strategy. Like today. Like now. Why are you still reading this? You need to call me and set up a Pinterest strategy TO-DAY. 

Bear in mind, Pinterest's user base is now 40% men, so no matter what you sell you're likely to find someone to buy it on Pinterest.

LinkedIn is for business-to-business businesses, professionals and anyone with a resume.

LinkedIn is a vast network of professionals. It's like a giant networking event except you can attend it in your pajamas (awesome, right?). Though it's not true for everyone, if you want to appear legit online, you need a solid LinkedIn profile. Treat it like a resume for your dream job, you want it to be professional, refined and reflect your best business self. 

Twitter is for people who think in 140 characters at a time (or less).

Twitter is another great business-to-business platform, though really anyone can carve out some space in the Twitter house. Though I'm not a huge fan, it's an excellent place to connect with like-minded people and collaborate. Twitter is super easy to start up and super easy to maintain, but beware... It's highly addictive. 

Which social media platform are you on? Which should you be on? Tell me in the comments!