how to use a blog for business

Use your blog to convert visitors into fans

Driving traffic to your website is one thing, keeping that traffic engaged is a whole another ball game. Every time you write in your blog, write your heart. People want to know you. Show a piece of yourself every time you write in your blog and your visitors will connect with you. 

Another way to encourage engagement is to add content upgrades to your blog posts. That might be a downloadable file, a coupon for a product, a birthday treat, or whatever you can think of that relates to your blog content and your business. Trading a digital trinket for an email address is a great way to collect a list of people who like what you have to say. And once you have their email address, you can talk on a more intimate level with them, as though you're sitting across the table from one another at a cafe, having coffee. 



Showcase your products and offer out-of-the-box ways to use your stuff

No one knows your stuff better than you. You've probably thought of some awesomely unusual ways to use your products. Maybe re-purposing a leather bracelet as a pet collar or folding up a baby blanket to use as an emergency diaper. Or if you're a house keeper, you can promote your services as an amazing house warming gift. If you're a fashion or gift establishment, you could offer advice on how to style for the season or how to present gifts in a unique way. 

Think about each of your products and how you can use it or present it differently. As many items as you have is as many blog posts you could create.


using a blog for business

Talk to your people

People are innately curious. Your customers want a behind the scenes look at what you do. Share photos of your work station or a project you're working on and talk about what you do. Use this as a time to sneak peek at an up coming product launch. Your readers will be delighted to share a secret with you.

Another strategy is to establish yourself as an expert in your field by teaching your customers something new with your blog (exactly the strategy I'm using with this blog). You don't have to know everything about what you're doing, you just have to know one thing your audience doesn't know and write a blog post about it.

Always remember the 80/20 rule when posting on your business blog. Post 80% relative content and 20% everything else. Your business blog isn't the place to brag about your kids or your pets. Or to talk about other people's stuff (unless that directly correlates with your business model). Use your platform to talk about yourself and your business most of the time, with just a sprinkle of the other stuff.

You can promote your static website to your social networks (if you don't have a social network, let's talk!) but that gets old and once people have seen it, they generally don't click on it again. But if you're generating new and helpful content with a blog and labeling it in an interesting way, you'll find people revisiting your website over and over again. 


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